Update 1.1 Audio and Menus

After introducing the original version of This Is the Tutorial, I wanted to finish the menu system with some new features and allow players to have more control over their play experience. Several new audio tracks have been added to the game and an entirely new audio system has been implemented to enhance the way that the game sounds. Some sounds will cancel out each other and some are louder than others offering a more immersive sound quality to the overall experience.

This Is the Tutorial Version 1.1 Patch Notes:

·         Audio tracks have been doubled to offer more music for longer game sessions with less repetition

·         New audio system implemented to offer more realistic sound quality

·         Menu fonts have all been changed to offer one uniform font and color scheme

·         New controls added to allow player to adjust in-game audio

o   Master volume slider added

o   SFX volume slider added

o   Music volume slider added

·         Resolution options added to allow players to adjust the screen size. The following resolutions are available in full screen and windowed modes

o   960 x 540

o   1280 x 720

o   1920 x 1080

Thank you to all who have downloaded this project. Your support is greatly appreciated.


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Mar 29, 2018

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